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How to get a naturally-radiant pre-wedding glow?

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With wedding season approaching, brides and all the bridal party members have the perfect opportunity to flaunt their beauty. Having perfectly glowing skin on the big day is the priority of most brides. Preparing for a wedding ceremony often involves a visit to the UV tanning salons near me.

If you are the bride with that big day just around the corner, the tiredness from wedding preparation and anxiety can take away your natural glow. Every bride wishes to look radiant on their wedding day, but all the pre-wedding preparations can leave her to look worn-out.  You must ensure you look your best on the day you take your vows and seal your man for the rest of your life.

For brides, a golden and natural-looking glow goes perfectly with the white dress. Having a spray tan is one of the best ways to achieve that natural-looking tan on the skin. A spray tan is quick to develop and doesn’t require repeated sessions to set. Many tanning salons in Virginia offer professional spray tan solution for brides and ensure there are no tan lines or streaky tan.

Besides the bride, members of the bridal squad also need to look pretty and on point. If you are the bride’s sister or one of the bridesmaids, you must consider scheduling a professional tanning appointment for yourself.

Whether you are the bride or someone attending a wedding, spray tanning will help you achieve that flawless glowing skin. Here are some tips that can help you get that pre-wedding glow.

Tip #1 Increase your water intake

Drinking water is incredibly beneficial for the body and health. One should drink at least eight glasses of water throughout the day to reap the benefits of water. Drinking enough water improves body functioning and ensures the toxins flush out of the body naturally. Drinking water also ensures your body is adequately hydrated. You can also include green tea in your daily beauty regime to get that extra boost of antioxidants.

Tip #2 Limit alcohol intakes

Alcohol dehydrates our body and strips away necessary vitamins and minerals. This eventually affects the body and reduces the natural glow of the skin. For that pre-wedding glow, limit the alcohol and sugar. You can switch to natural sources of sugar like dry fruits, fresh fruits, and juices.

Tip #3 Get a professional tan

Preparing for the wedding can be a daunting process. From selecting the dress to finalizing the venue, preparing the guest list, to choosing a music band, one has to go over every detail to ensure everything happens smoothly. This can stress any bride and turn them duller. The best way to look radiant and naturally glowing is to have a professional spray tanning service at any luxury tanning salon. One must be careful when choosing the tan shade and product. Listen to what the beautician has to say, as it will help you prevent that orange streak. If you are considering getting a spray tan, have …